Celebrity Chef Judges

Some of Texas’ favorite chefs will be joining us again on the Chefs Under Fire 2011 Celebrity Chef Judges panel.  As previous competitors on Iron Chef America, Chef David Bull (Congress Austin), Chef Tyson Cole (Uchi + Uchiko), and Chef Kent Rathbun (Abacus, Jaspers, Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen, Zea Woodfire Grill) certainly know a thing or two about cooking “Under Fire”.

Each Regional Competition will feature a unique local judges panel, but only one Chefs Under Fire Contestant will ultimately be declared winner of Chefs Under Fire 2011 at the Final Competition by these three Celebrity Chefs at the Chefs Under Fire Finals.

Chef David Bull

Chef David BullExecutive Chef at Congress, Second Bar + Kitchen, Bar Congress, and author of Bull’s Eye on Food.

Twitter: @ChefDavidBull, @CongressAustin

Facebook: Chef David Bull, Congress Austin

Websites: www.ChefDavidBull.com, www.CongressAustin.com

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Chef Tyson Cole

Chef Tyson Cole

Co-owner/Executive Chef of Uchi and Uchiko restaurants

Twitter: @tysoncole, @uchiaustin, @uchikoaustin

Facebook: Uchi Austin, Uchiko

Website: www.UchiAustin.com

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Chef Kent Rathbun

Chef Kent RathbunExecutive Chef & Owner of Abacus, Jaspers, Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen, Zea Woodfire Grill and founder of Kent Rathbun Elements Product Line.

Twitter: @chef911

Facebook: Kent Rathbun’s Concepts

Website: www.KentRathbun.com

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